• IT Services

    The IT services delivering long term commercial benefits, based upon our clients key business requirements.

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    Premium Quality Services !

    Our company became well known through our exceptional service and reliability over the years.

  • Electronics Spare Parts Trading

    We have a close relationship with most of the major manufacturers and distributors in Europe, therefore we are in the position to provide competitive prices to our customers.

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    Distribution And Wholesale Trade

    NDV Innovation Ltd have a worldwide wholesale trading and distribution activities !

New Asian Server Center Opened

The NDV Innovation Ltd. opened a new Asian Server Center in Hong Kong, where we offer a number of physical and virtual server solutions for our clients. The center’s professional technical staff provide smooth and trouble-free operation on a permanent 24-hour basis and therefore ensures 99.999% availability of the Hong Kong Server Center.

Vonino Tablets And Smart Phones Hungarian Distribution

NDV Innovation Ltd. won the exclusive rights for the distribution of the American VONINO corporation tablets and smart phones in Hungary back in 2013. December. VONINO sells their products all around the world, and from 2014 they will be available in Hungary only through our co-operation.